YouareU is the story of a brand  founded in love  by Italian-Russian couple Salvatore and Liliya. When for the first time, during University studies, Salvatore told Liliya about his idea of the dress shirt with magnetic closure, she suddenly recognized the need for the product to exist, because it was the most fascinating dress shirt she ever seen: stylish, sexy, easy-to-wear.

Therefore, they decided to dedicate their lifetime to create an innovative dress shirt that makes life easier.

Three years of hard work, readiness to risk and great desire to make the dream come true brought its results.

Now the idea of closure became a patented magnetic closure system.


Since 2013 Youareu became known fashion startup, the winner of:


  • Partecipation in Business School “Officine Formative” of Intesa San Paolo, Milano, Italy


  • The Best of 50 Ideas in Creative Factory, Naples , Italy


  • Winner "Fom Vesuvio to Silicon Valley & Back"

  • The finalist of Special prize of Unicredit Startlab by “Premio Gaetano Marzotto 2014”


  • The Best innovation 2014 by  Gruppo Giovani Sistema Moda Italia

  • Most Funded Italian Project Fashion/Apparel on Kickstarter

In 2014 they decided to set up a Kickstarter campaign and test the concept. The Kickstarter campaign raised 140% more their goal. It became the most funded Made in Italy project in the category of Fashion/apparel.

Now YouareU is an international team of highly creative and motivated young people who make it grow everyday building brick by brick a leading company.